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My ADHD Logo

The first app with cognitive analysis for people with ADHD!

Develop ADHD Intelligence

When dealing with ADHD - information is key! This app provides you tips and techniques created and tested from people with ADHD to people with ADHD. Moreover, you'll have access to heaps of tactiques used by psychologists to manage the disorder.

  • Diagnostics

    Test for ADHD, Attention-Deficit or Hyperactivity disorders
  • Comprehensive Guides

    Learn how to deal with ADHD in a practical, simple and interactive way
  • Emotion Analysis

    Analyze your emotions in real time and receive feedback for possible actions that may help you in that moment

What is it?

The My ADHD app is a powerful tool that scans your current mood and based on an sofisticated Artificial Intelligence analysis, provides you with real-time suggestions to improve your mood and your everyday life.

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This app is for educational purposes only and does not reflect a medical opinion.
ADHD can only be diagnosed by a medical professional!

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